About us


The Research Institute of Complementary Health Sciences (RICHS) is the government’s upfront working agency for getting together diverse medical practices that part ways and stand alone from conventional medical system. These medical sciences have played significant role since many ages for curing and eliminating deadly diseases from human race. With constant improvisation, modifications and inventions of new practices with time; this field of disease prevention and treatment has proved its strength with vital implications gaining faith from huge % of population across the world. RICHS is backed upon by leading physicians and healthcare practitioners. It is a nonprofit social organization inclined towards promotion of holistic healthcare. The uniqueness of this organization comes from the strengths of effective mass approach, mass education and complete health empowerment for each individual.



Surveys have reported an increasing amount of population shifting to and looking for alternative treatment methods even for deadly diseases like heart disease, kidney dysfunction and cancer. RICHS envisions a peaceful body-mind-soul for each individual, for it understands that body as a whole is a temple and must be worshipped and taken well-care off! RICHS looks forward in strengthening the faith on alternative medicine and is working to elevate the alternative medicine platform to make it easily accessible to the general population. To bridge-up the gap between people and practitioners, make people more aware about treatment benefits and support and publish the latest researches on alternate medical treatments to provide free and impartial information to the masses are the prime agendas’ for the organization.



Ever since evolution the human body has seen many transformations for better existence, it is still evolving and shall do till the existence of human race. It is crucial to understand as where have we come from – as this has all the hidden answers for what we shall do today for a better healthy future tomorrow. It is even more crucial to understand the body, bodily functions and their evolution with time – as evolution is not a matter of a day or two – it is performing every moment – with each passing moment somewhere the body is changing and adapting to new surroundings. It is often wondered as how may these changes be acknowledged and accounted each time – keeping track of these is not practically possible – however by understanding of body as a whole – its nature, functions and properties of components along with their interactions – overall a holistic scientific approach may provide with strong realistic conclusions. This drives the mission of RICHS. The corrupt basis of Modern science has left people devastated; disappointed they have hardly a way out, RICHS will get them answers.



In 19…, with the establishment of Indo-Vietnam Medical board – the ministry of Vietnam recruited a committee to acknowledge and find solutions against the deteriorating health and increasing medical expenses for the Vietnamese population in the year ………… to ……… Then was the time when the Vietnam Ministry of science and technology proposed a model to unite complementary heath sciences with the main-stream medical science – to work together in one direction for holistic healing. Based on the same, the Research Institute of Complementary Health Sciences (RICHS) was incorporated with a board of ……..members headed by……. person.