Naturopathy is one of the important drugless disciplines of alternative system of medicine. Naturopathy doesn’t use medicines. In Naturopathy, Food is Medicine and considered nature as the greatest healer. In naturopathy, diseases are treated from holistic point of view as it is absent in other components of alternative medicine, where specific treatments are more common. Naturopathy has great health promotive, disease preventive, curative as well as preventive potential. Our diet should comprise 20 percent of acidic and 80 percent of alkaline foods for maintaining good health.

In Naturopathy, Diet is one of the vital components in managing diseases. Food rich in vitamin–B complex and Vitamin C helps the body bounces back from stressful situations. Carbohydrates contain neurotransmitter serotonin produce a soothing effect and increases sense of well-being.  According to naturopathy, all the foods should be taken in fresh forms. Naturopathic Diets are divided into three parts.

Eliminative Diet: Juices and soups are come under eliminative diet.  The example of eliminative diets is lemon juice, citric fruits, tender coconut water, vegetable soups, butter milk and wheat grass juices.

Soothing Diet:  The best example of soothing diet is fruits, salads, steamed vegetables, sprouts, vegetable chutney, etc.

Constructive Diet:  Diets such as wholesome flour, unpolished rice, little pulses, sprouts, curds, etc come under this group.

List of 23 naturopathy medicine

  1. Mud pack, Mud Application, Mud bath
  2. Hip Bath
  3. Spinal bath, Spinal Spray bath
  4. Immersion Bath, Friction bath
  5. Foot bath, Arm bath
  6. Steam bath
  7. Sauna Bath
  8. Sun Bath,
  9. Green Leaves Sun Bath
  10. Hot and Cold Fomentation
  11. Wet Sheet pack, Chest pack, Abdomen Pack, Trunk Pack
  12. Knee Pack, Neck Pack, Wet Girdle pack
  13. Enema-Warm Water, Butter milk, tender coconut water,
  14. Circular Jet Bath
  15. Colon Irrigation
  16. Deluxe hydro massage
  17. Hot and Cold water Douches, Effusion
  18. Whirlpool Bath
  19. Magnet Therapy
  20. Colour Therapy
  21. Acupuncture
  22. Reflexology
  23. Physiotherapy Treatments-Exercise Therapy, Electro Therapy